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Know more, know it sooner, make decisions based on facts!
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The FM-Portal is an exceptionally easy-to-use financial tool that focuses each budget owner on proactively monitoring, analyzing and reacting to variances in budget vs. actual detail below the G/L account so management knows the real story behind the P&L numbers and can more quickly recognize and respond to changing business conditions and opportunities.
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Empower frontline managers who are the organizations best resource for realistic budget information.
• Economical: Low License Fees
• Effective: Simple to push down to budget owners
• Easy: Only two Excel-like screens to learn
• Efficient: Users only see and enter what is required

• Establishes credibility: "one version of the truth”
• Eliminates disputes over budget origins and intent
• Ability to “freeze” a snapshot of the numbers
• Users enter notes in a searchable format for up-to-date status
• No more searching for original spreadsheets and emails
• Eliminates misunderstandings and poor assumptions
• Reduces the time managers spend explaining variances

• Gives management the information and mechanisms they need to focus the entire organization on strategic goals
• Ensures budgeted funds are put to maximum use within management guidelines
• Variance analysis identifies significant breakdowns in planned allocation of funds versus strategic goals
• Realize value generating opportunities, or for unexpected results, take action to ensure desired outcomes
• Tie incentives to performance with the ability to drill to detail