The PRO-III ADSIG is a consortium of A&D companies that have joined together to relentlessly improve process improvements within their respective businesses using PRO-III and other technologies. By discussing common interests and pooling industry knowledge we have been able to bring to our solutions the special features that will benefit our customers the most as well as adressing their growing regulatory requirements.

Prominent members over the years include:
Aircontrol Technologies Ltd.

Airscrew Ltd.

Aerojet Ordnance

Aerojet Propulsion

Amplifier Research

American Telegraph & Telephone

Aydin Corporation

Carbone Of America

Dorne And Margolin, Inc.

Dee Howard Aircraft Maintenance

Edo Corporation

PPG Biomedical Div.

EFW Inc.

General Dynamics

GE Aviation, Inc. - A Division Of Ge Co

Northrop/Grumman Aerospace Corporation

Hercules Aerospace Co.

Industrial Devices, Inc. (Now Cml)

ILC Dover, Inc.

Lucent Technologies, Inc.

Progressive Technologies

Power Systems, Inc.

Smiths Industries Aerospace/Defense

Space Systems/Loral

Spar Aerospace, Ltd.

Spectrum, Inc.

Transistor Devices, Inc.

Thiem Industries



SP Industries
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