AccessIG has over 42 years experience helping our customers improve their critical processes with specific expertise in the following business sectors:
Aerospace and Defense: Aerospace and Defense Contract oriented businesses require the user to define the amount of control for each Contract in mixed A&D and commercial environments using multiple, alternative integrated financial systems. Contract management, estimating and governmental reporting are key to maintaining control over multiyear projects.

Repair, Overhaul, and Refurbishment: R&O environments require extra flexibility and special features not found in traditional manufacturing systems such as, asset breakdown, warranty and exchange tracking, repair BOM's and routings, simulation & net change scheduling, accurate cost collection, and flexible billing/invoices, and multiple integrated financial systems.

Electronics Manufacturing: AccessIG has broad solutions expertise in mixed engineer-to-order, assemble-to-order, and job shop environments with special needs like: project/contract planning, lot and serial traceability, actual vs. standard project costing, JIT, inventory control, completely integrated financial systems, CRM systems, supply chain systems, and specialized analytical applications, supporting performance management methodologies.

Commercial Manufacturing: AccessIG has been providing solutions to Commercial manufacturers for over 30 years. Our solutions have been designed specifically for the problems most encountered by Commercial manufacturers. We have an extensive list of Enterprise Applications Modules (see PRO-III-Solutions) and have enhanced those solutions over the past 5 years with specialized Edge Solutions using Microsoft technologies. These Edge Solutions leverage the IT investments you have already made and integrate with you desktop solutions.
Medical/Pharmaceutical: AccessIG has experience supplying software solutions for Distribution, Manufacturing and Financial Management software system, which meets the demands of Pharmaceutical & Medical Regulatory Environments. Special features include lot traceability, product expiration, FDA reporting, remote salespersons support, integrated manufacturing and financial systems..

Government Contractors: With the inclusion of Sarbanes-Oxley and the GPRA Act of 1993, the US Government, and other governmental bodies, has instituted programs for better visibility into their operations. AccessIG provides Performance Improvement, Knowledge Management, and improved reporting for those organizations and their agents, who require solutions for executing continuous improvement initiatives from the team level, through the executive level, from local government entities to multi-national organizations.

Distribution: Distribution companies require software applications that provide a broad array of functionality to meet their multi-national and changing supply chain needs: multi-lingual, multi-currency, statutory reporting, currency re-measurement, multiple currency conversion rates, import / export document management, and support for multiple charts of account.
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