Case Studies
- Consolidating Departmental Functions Across Multiple Sites
- Corporate Budgeting: Simplifying a Corporate Roadmap
- Increasing a Defense Contractor's Ability to Win Expansions and Extensions
- Managing Corporate Agreements to Avoid Business Interruption
- Enhancing a Performance Management System to Improve Critical Processes
- Using a BI-DataMall® to get the most out of an MS Dynamics AX System
- Rapidly Creating an ITAR/EAR System for a Defense Contractor
- Using a BI-DataMall® to Easily Access Legacy Information
- Helping an Oracle shop deploy an Executive Dashboard using Microsoft Technologies
- A Successful BI Solution Is Not Always a Simple Roll-up
- Helping Remote Sales Teams Increase Sales
- Improving Supply Chain Performance
“ Even our power users had difficulty getting the information they need from the transactional systems. If you compound that by trying to analyze information over three divisions in a supply chain infrastructure, the task was insurmountable ” IT Executive
“We need one version of the truth a roadmap plan that can be executed but, the supporting details to each budget version are buried in spreadsheets on individual computers or in notes stored in files and drawer ” Aerospace Finance Executive
“Sometimes you get a call for an immediate customer presentation so you have to be prepared to maximize your resources. Unfortunately, getting current information on project results from the business units and project managers was like difficult at best” Sales Executive
“Managing agreements across multiple divisions, multiple partners, and multiple years became overwhelming. Consequently, agreements began to expire without enough time to renew them, disrupting important business relationships...” Contracts Manager
“Our Performance Reporting system gave us fast benefits and identified areas for improvement, but we needed to drill to the detail to find the information we required to take action to make business process improvements...” COO
“Our new MS Dynamics AX system was much easier to use than our old ERP system, but our business users still needed the flexibility to create their own reports when they needed them and in the format they needed them.” IT Manager
“ We have five days to decide if an event is a reportable issue yet we spend too much of our time playing catch up with phone calls and emails trying to extract the information robbing us of the time for more important issues ” Contracts Officer
“By converting our historical information from our legacy system to a SQL Server 2005 database, we were able to consolidate the information we need to effectively report operational outcomes from past to present, while reducing the cost to maintain older software and hardware that is no longer actively used.” IT Manager
“ We knew that we had little experience in both rolling out a KPI-based dashboard and Microsoft development/databases. Yet we were under pressure by management to deliver it right the first time – we couldn’t afford failure even though the user community was not able to specify exactly what they wanted ” IT Manager
“Due to a lack of information in the business systems business managers had to create interim reporting by creating off line systems using spreadsheets, manual adjustments, and other means...this left upper management without a way to drill down, analyze and find actionable information” Business Systems Executive
“ Our top level sales managers spent almost 20% of their time administering information for their remote sales team. Now, these very effective and experienced people can spend that time developing strategic sales strategies and our remote sales teams have much better information ” Sales Executive
“Our Performance Reporting system gave us fast benefits and identified areas for improvement, but we needed to drill to the detail to find the information we required to take action to make business process improvements...” Supply Chain Manager
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-Collaborating with Multiple Project Groups 
“...sending, receiving and manually incorporating all the changes for dozens of projects and from many people into one document became a large task. We needed one version of the truth; one master document per project that we could reference when working with remote teams, that allowed us to track changes automatically ” - Corporate Operations Director
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Case Studies
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